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First impressions don't last, huh? They tend to prove the other person wrong or maybe not. It's a case-to-case basis but on my part, majority of the people I met has the same first impression that I am hard to please but once they've broken all the walls I built, they'd realize that it's the other way around. It only takes a simple effort to do so.

Good morning, you lil piece of sunshine!

It has already been years that I don't have a boyfriend to constantly greet me with all those sweet poetic messages but if my friends or just simply anyone would greet me or send me a text, I'd be so happy! I'd be smiling from ear to ear already. It only takes seconds to tell someone how special they are to you and we have 24 hours and seven days a week to do that so you better go get that phone and make someone's day. *winks*

I also do the same way to friends and relatives even though some won't reply but at least, it would remind them that I still want to keep in touch and  obviously, I'm alive, kicking, having a social life, and not living under a rock.

In another note, those 'text me when you arrive home' kind of friends are for keeps. 

Just because ...

Just because reasons are simply the best. It reminds me how a person cherishes the friendship between us. It seems like I'm an interesting person or I have this special space in his/her life that he/she has considered buying this cute bookmark just because it reminded him/her of me. Maybe someone took a picture of him/herself and sent it to me just because he/she wants to show off how amazingly gorgeous he/she is. I also like it when a friend sends me something and would say 'sending you this just because I want to be with you but we can't so here ya go, wish you were here'. Awwwwe, a nice little update. It never fails to fill my stomach with butterflies. 

I have a girl best friend that doesn't have a Facebook account so she's not aware when I have a new picture posted so I'd send it to her just like how I'd like to send my selfies to NASA just because I'm a star! Haha. Jk. 

Thank you. Merci. Salamat. 

Saying 'thank you' has always been a good habit of mine. Having a gratitude attitude contributes a huge positive life changing impact to both parties. Once you express how thankful you are to anyone or anything, the other end would feel grateful. 

You could try it when guards open doors for you, when the waiter cleaned the table, when the cashier gave you the change, or when the bus driver drove safely 'til you reached your destination and other little things. There are so much to be thankful for! Go to the mirror and thank yourself for being an amazing human being!

Also, this goes the same with greeting the people I mentioned above with 'good morning/afternoon/evening' or whatever greeting you have in mind. 

Let's talk about it over a hot cup of coffee. 

Ah, having deep conversations with someone over a hot cup of coffee/tea or a glass of cold soy milk is something to die for. Now that everything is instant and fast, it's difficult to find someone who would love to let time flow, be with me, and talk about the most random stuff under the blanket of stars. 

Sea of pages

Being on bed and cuddling with a good book in hand is such a heavenly way to spend the day. How much more if you find someone with the same interests? I am thankful to have met bookish friends online and offline. You are all the best. 

Idk. It makes me happy. | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Oh, stop it you! 

Awwwe. You make me blush. Something I'd say when someone tells me that I'm pretty. There are days that we don't feel pretty and when someone does see that in me, it boosts a lot of positivity especially when I'm dealing with my demons at the time being. However, I do hope that someone won't only say that I'm pretty but I am beautiful. Not because of my appearance but because of my soul.

Maybe write me a letter?

I once had a project which was called #TheMailProject and I'd send letters around the globe and it makes me so damn happy! I'm happier when I also receive one. My best friend wrote me a letter for my birthday and it made me teary-eyed so despite how advanced our technology is, if you really want to write me a letter, please do. Please write long, sappy love letters filled with romantic clich├ęs. Hahaha! I'm obviously a hopeless romantic.


Whoever you are, I'm happy you're here. You're alive. You exist. You're part of my life now by coming here. I thank whatever brought you here and that counts as something. 

So these are just some of the things that make me all giddy and appreciate life more. How about you? What are your little things?

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