How are you? Long time, no see. Did you miss me? How many years did pass by since the day I left the blogosphere? Hmmm. It was more than a year ago, huh? Am I right? Well, it felt like years. Years of inactivity, years of longing to let my words flow, years of hoping that maybe one day I'll be back in a better situation. 

Hey, look, here I am again attempting to give this blog a life. A life it rightly deserves, a life where my words will be read by many, and a life where I document every struggle and achievement I'll encounter along the way, and a life to engage with people I cherish in-and-out the blogosphere. 

A lot has changed. I barely remember the blogs I used to read and in fact, days before this attempt, I was having a difficult time if I should be blogging again. I still don't have the stable internet connection that could support this passion.

It was difficult yet challenging what to say, for the first time, again. Ah, firsts. I think most of our first times are nerve-racking, challenging, and sometimes it's a now or never task. In short, I barely remember what it feels like to blog during those days but now, here I am, expressing myself. It feels like I never left. It feels like magic. I felt so loved again by myself. I am happy. 

Again, a lot has changed. I grew and pursued a change of lifestyle for a better version of myself. I took the chance of not having an internet connection as a way for me to somehow reach my full potential, discover a new world, and most of all, to find my soul in a world that made me lost. 

I'm still in the journey. I'm still growing but where I am now, I'm grateful for the Universe despite how crazy the whole ride was and it's still is. Lessons were learned along the way, some friendships and relationships meant already nothing in a span of given time, but most of all, through a change of lifestyle, I knew now what matters most and I'm gladly focusing more on that. 

Cheers to this attempt! Hope this won't be the last, though. 

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